Product Listings

View Your Products

To view products that have been created, go to Products in the Vendor Dashboard left menu. At the top of this screen, you can view the standard filter and search area. A list of products appears in order of date made:

You can:

  • Filter by status using the status links at the top
  • Filter by category
  • Filter by the product types
  • Search

At the far right of each product are actions you can perform on the row:

  • View
  • Edit
  • Duplicate
  • Featured Mark
  • Delete

You also have some useful options at the top right of the screen:

  • Add New Product
  • Product Export
  • Product Import

Add New Products

  1. Product type – Catalog for Physical Products and Downloadable for digital prints or products.
  2. Add product Title, Price and Sale Price if you’re offering any sales on the products.
  3. Add a short description of the products.
  4. Add Product First image and followed by other related images.
    Use any square-shaped products image sizes. Ex: 500 x 500 px
  5. Select related categories of the product.


Products Inventory

  1. SKU – Stock Keeping Unit
    A stock-keeping unit (SKU) is a scannable bar code, most often seen printed on product labels in a retail store. The label allows vendors to automatically track the movement of inventory. If you’re using any labels.
  2. Manage Stock: If you want to display the product available in stock or not.
  3. Stock Status:  If you want to display only a limited or available number of units to the customers of the particular in inventory. Ex: Product A has only 10 units left.
  4. Sold Individually: Enable this to allow only of this item to be bought individually.


Products Shipping

  1. Product Weight – Add product weight. Ex: Kgs, Lbs…
  2. Dimensions: Add L X W X H of products which requires dimensions
  3. Processing  Time: Select the Shipping process time.
    Ex: Shipping in 1 – 3 days
  4. Override Shipping: Enter any shop default shipping price.
    Ex: Flat Price of Rs. 100/- on all domestic locations.
  5. Additional Price: First product of this type will be charged with this.
    Ex: If you’re about to set charges for limited first product or copy per customer at a discounted price.
  6. Per Qty Additional Price: Every second product of this type will be charged at a different price.

Products Tax

  1. Tax Status: Select if the entire product is taxable or only the shipping cost
  2. Tax Class: Standard / Reduced rate / Zero rate
    The different types of tax classes setup to apply different tax rates based on the product type.
    Ex: Selling of Fictional Books in India doesn’t have any Tax.

Products Attributes

Select or create different types of attributes which suits the product.
Ex: For clothing, select Size Attributes: Small, Medium or Large.

Linked Products

Linked Products are the related products of same category or store that will be displayed on the product pages which recommends the customers to buy them along with.

  1. Up-Sells: The products which recommend better or lower costs products.
  2. Cross-Sells: The products which you promote based on the current product categories.

Shipping, Refund and Return Policies

  1. Shipping Policy:
    Enter your shipping policy along with the shipping cost, duration of delivery or any other own conditions.
  2. Refund Policy:
    Enter your refund policy along with the refund criteria, time period of refund policy, or what set of rules or conditions to apply for a refund.
  3. Cancel / Exchange / Return policy:
    Enter the cancellation of any order is allowed or is there any time period to cancel an order.
    Exchange: If you allow any exchanges if the size fit issues.
    Returns: If you allow any returns or the products or non-returnable.

Advanced Product Details

  1. Enable Reviews: If you want to enable customer reviews on the product.
  2. Menu Order: Custom Ordering position of this product.
  3. Purchase Note: Add your own personal note to the customer when they buy the product.