Marketplace Features

So, what are the features provided by the Unekha Marketplace which makes it the best in the market? Well, let’s dive in each of them and you will surely have your answer!

Enquiry Manager

Unekha allows customers to raise enquiry under each product. Vendors will be notified instantly of a new query and all previous enquiries will be also listed as FAQ.


Unekha allows sellers can request for the manual withdrawal of their orders or it will be automatically credited in the accounts as per the Unekha payment policy.

Ledger Book

It gives sellers the easiest way to check all their store transactions – commission, withdrawal, refund, partial refund and charge.


It allows sellers to check if refunds are auto-approved and set up the threshold number of days for a permissible refund.

Store Policies

You can now define all types of policies for their store and products directly from the front end, thus reducing the hassle to a great extent.

Store Hours

It allows the sellers to set their store’s open and closing hours. They may also set the week off days using this feature.

Store Vacation

This will allow the sellers to keep their online store closed for a certain span of time. So, vendors can easily get the store closed and enjoy their vacation.

Store Review

The customer can now give reviews for the store.

Store Shipping

This feature allows sellers to set up the shipping management system for their store. You can configure the shipping options by Country, Zone or Weight directly from Frontend.

Shipment Tracking

Sellers will have the option of adding tracking code & URL for their sold items and mark them as shipped, similarly, on receipt customer can mark them as received. Sellers can even mark their order completed.

Category Wise Attributes

This allows the Sellers to add the attributes of the products and map them to relevant categories from the frontend.

Store SEO

Sellers can configure the SEO of their store individually by placing the appropriate keywords from the front end.

Store Coupon

Sellers can configure and generate coupons for their store from the front end directly.

Media Manager

Sellers will be able to manage the media files from the frontend editor and thus can easily configure them as per requirement.

Catalog Mode

Sellers can configure to list their product in catalog mode directly from the front-end of the site.

Support Ticket

It allows the customer to post their queries in one go. They simply have to choose the query category, the product they have queries about, and the urgency and write down the query in detail. They will be issued a ticket and will be notified when a reply is posted. They can change the query priority and status in your account, and add replies if required. The process, as is evident, becomes much easier and faster.

Seller Verification

Sellers can verify their profile with proper documentations and social connections. Verified sellers will specially mark in-store as well.

Live Chat Support

It allows customer-seller spontaneous communication and hence helps to respond to the queries of the customer faster and drive more sales.

Store Invoice

Sellers can process store wise invoice to their customers and can also configure the invoice slip as per requirement.

Product Custom Fields

Sellers has the feasibility to add custom fields for their products so as to make them more viable to their customers. Unekha allows all these from the front-end and makes it easy.

Bulk & Quick Edit

It’s always a painful job to edit the whole product to update small changes, especially when you are looking to update stock or sales prices. It allows you to edit them at once.

Products Import / Export

Unekha provides an inbuilt product importer/exporter for your multi-vendor store. Sellers will be allowed to export their products and import products to their store directly from the front end.

Store Notifications

Sellers will get notifications of the activities in the store - New orders, refund requests, payments..

Store Analytics

Analytics is the most important key for your marketing strategies, and we understand that. Besides advanced sales reports, orders, transactions in one place.