Orders & Returns

What’s the Status of My Order?

You can check the status of your order on the Orders page on Unekha Store, you can get updates when your order is dispatched and, even better, when it’s delivered.

Next to your order on the Orders page, you’ll see the dispatch status:

  1. Not Dispatched: The seller hasn’t dispatched the order yet or didn’t update the order on Unekha.
  2. Dispatched: The seller marked the order as dispatched.
  3. In Transit: The seller added a tracking number and the package has left the delivery facility.

If the seller added tracking information, you’ll see Track Package under the delivery status. Click Track Package to see tracking updates from the delivery carrier.

If your order is Not Dispatched yet, you can contact the seller to check in on the order status.

If your order is Dispatched or In Transit, you can track your order if you have a tracking number.

To find your order:

  1. Sign in to store.unekha.com
  2. Click the Your Account icon.
  3. Click Purchases and reviews.
  4. Find your order on the Purchases page. On the account, tap your order to view it.

How to Cancel An Order?

To cancel a purchase on Etsy:

  1. Sign in to store.unekha.com.
  2. Click Order
  3. Click Purchases and reviews.
  4. Find the order you want to cancel.
  5. Click Contact The Shop.
  6. Request that the seller cancels the order and click Send.

Accepting your request is up to the individual seller. Submitting a cancellation request doesn’t automatically cancel your order.

All items on store.unekha.com are sold by independent sellers. Each seller has their own set of policies that you can find on their shop homepage. Check the shop’s homepage to see their cancellation policy.

Why Can’t I Find My Order?

You can find orders you purchased with your Unekha account on your Purchases page:

  1. On store.unekha.com click the Your Account icon.
  2. Click Purchases and reviews.

If you can’t find an order on your Purchases page, you may have:

  • Checked out with a different Unekha account
  • Checked out as a guest

Who is the seller?

All items on Store.Unekha.Com are sold by independent sellers.

Change Delivery Address on an Order

If you moved and forgot to update your Unekha account, or you misspelt the address, don’t worry! You can change to the correct address for your order before it’s dispatched, as long as the new address is not in a different country.

Change the delivery address after you placed an order

If you placed an order with an incorrect delivery address, first check that your order hasn’t been dispatched yet:

  1. On Store.Unekha.com, click the Your Account icon.
  2. Click Purchases and reviews.
  3. To the right of your order, you’ll see either Dispatched or Not Dispatched:

My Oder is Not Dispatched yet

If your item is Not Dispatched yet, you can contact the seller to update your address on the order or cancel your order. You can then re-order the items with the correct delivery address.

My Order was already Dispatched

If your item is Dispatched, check the seller’s policies to see if they are able to offer a replacement or refund. Each seller has their own policies that are on their shop homepage. Contact the seller to request a replacement or refund.

You can also contact the delivery service to see if they can reroute the order.

If your package is missing, most delivery services require that the sender open a claim. If this is the case, you may need to ask the seller to assist you.

Change the delivery address during checkout

You can update your address when you checkout

  1. Add an item(s) to your basket.
  2. Click Cart.
  3. Choose how you’ll pay.
  4. Click Proceed to checkout.
  5. Sign in to your Etsy account if you haven’t already, or click Continue as a guest.
  6. Under Delivery address, check that the address you want your order dispatched to is correct. If it isn’t correct, click Change.
  7. Select a delivery address or click Add an address to enter a new address. Click Dispatch here once you have the right address.
  8. Click Place your order.

Change the delivery address to a different country

If you need the delivery address on your order changed to a one in a different country, you’ll have to cancel your order and place it again with your new address.

Your Refund

If you haven’t already, be sure to contact your seller directly to ask about your refund.

To send a message to your seller, visit Your Account > Purchases and reviews and click Contact The Shop to the right of your order.

If you checked out as a guest, you can contact the seller by replying to the receipt email that was sent to you after purchase.

If You Paid with a Credit Card Directly on Unekha:

After your refund has been issued, it may take 3-5 business days to appear on your credit card statement. Occasionally, refunds issued to other country credit cards can take up to 30 days to appear.

A credit card refund can only be issued to the card used for the original purchase. It’s not possible to have your refund issued directly to a different card.

If the original card used for payment is no longer valid and a replacement card has been issued, the refund should appear automatically on your new card. If a replacement card hasn’t been issued, please get in touch with your credit card provider for more information about how to receive your refund.

If you have an Etsy account and want to review your order’s refund history, click Your Account > Purchases and reviews and then the View Receipt button next to the transaction.

If You Paid via PayPal:

If you’re waiting for a refund through PayPal, double check your PayPal account and ask your seller directly about the refund.

If you paid using a credit card without signing in to a PayPal account – using PayPal Guest Checkout – the money will go back to your credit or debit card. It can take up to 30 days for the refund to show up on your card statement.

If the transaction is over 60 days old, the seller has to use PayPal’s “Send Money” feature to send the refund to your PayPal account.

How do you determine when my order should arrive?

The date your order should arrive is determined by the order’s processing time plus delivery time:

Processing time

Sellers can specify a processing time for items they sell. The processing time can vary from 1 day to several weeks. If the seller specified a processing time, you can see that on the item listing page under Delivery and returns. You’ll see Ready to dispatch in XX days. The number of days is the processing time.

  1. One item in order: If the processing time for your item is a range, like “3–5 weekdays,” we use the end of the range to determine when you can open a case or leave a review. In the example above, we’d use 5 weekdays.
  2. Several items in order: We use the longest processing time for any item in your order. If you purchased one item with 3-weekday processing time and an item with 4-weekday processing time, we’d use 4 weekdays.
  3. No specified processing time: If the seller hasn’t set a processing time, we use a 5-weekdays processing time.

Delivery time

If your order has delivery tracking, the start of your 100-day window for opening a case or leaving a review is dependent on when the carrier marks your order as delivered.

If your order doesn’t have delivery tracking, we use estimates for delivery time:

  • Domestic orders: 4 weekdays
  • International orders: 10 weekdays

I have a problem with my order before my estimated delivery date

If you have a problem with your order, you can reach out to the shop at any time. On the Purchases page, click Contact The Shop next to the order.