What is Unekha ?

Unekha is an online marketplace for the independent sellers and students to sell their products to domestic and international customers. The marketplace provides the seller’s to bring their unique creations to online and helps the buyers to find the right products.

New collections and offers are added to avail more customers to buy from us and thus creating more opportunities for the sellers and buyers for a great deal.

Sellers and Buyers

Our global marketplace is a vivid community of creators connecting over special goods. The platform empowers verified sellers to do what they love and helps buyers find what they love.

Sell Your Creations

With no listing or subscription fees, a nominal platform fees, powerful tools, and support, we help the sellers to start, manage, and scale their businesses. Want to become an Unekha seller? All it takes is zero money to get started.

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Our platform help buyers explore all the special unique products offered by Unekha sellers. Our Editors curate exciting trends and ideas discovered in the marketplace by our own team.

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We provide the complete support on the marketplace, helping buyers and sellers connect and exchange on Unekha. Keeping those connections safe, fun and secure is our priority, and we’re always here to help.


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